Best Guitars for Younger Children – and Big Kids too!

I have two young children who are requesting guitars for their birthdays this Spring! One of them has never picked up a guitar in his life, and the other has a little experience of the electric guitar from playing at school in a Rock Steady group. I don’t want to get them toy guitars, but at soon to be ages six and four, I don’t think that they are quite ready for the top of the range instruments on the market either!

Since I need to research all of this myself, I thought I would share the information I have found to help out other parents. While this isn’t strictly relevant to teens, some of you may have younger children and siblings who are keen to join in with the music madness with you! We are still in a position to select birthday gifts ourselves, and presenting them as a surprise! I’m making the most of this, as I’m sure it won’t be long before they are insisting on choosing everything themselves!

Child Size Acoustic Guitar

I am looking for an acoustic guitar that can see my children through lessons and perhaps become a treasured favourite for easy playing when they are older.

This is my personal favourite because of its beautiful tone and the quality of the instrument. Although it is smaller than a normal acoustic guitar, I can still picture it being used as a practice guitar when they might have moved on to other things. My concern with some junior sized guitars is that they will be treated as a toy, and sound just as bad! With this, I feel that I am getting something that will last the test of time.

While there are a few others on the market, I am going to leave this here for now. If I come across another great acoustic guitar for kids, I will recommend immediately. I am sorry to say that I haven’t yet!!

I will be researching on the full sized acoustics though, so if you are getting near to adult size watch this space!

Child Size Electric Guitar

What I’m looking for is a 3/4 size guitar, or kid’s guitar, that looks nice and sounds good too.


Having found this one, I’m really finding it difficult to move away from it, and I think this is what I will be buying for my daughter (don’t tell her!)

Any music lover, such as myself, has grown up with a fondness for some icon names such as Fender and Gibson, and there is a certain romanticism in the thought of buying my children a 3/4 size beautiful, Fender Stratocaster. It does cost a bit more than some options I’ve seen, but I have fallen in love with the tone, the rosewood body and the fact that I know my daughter is familiar with it already has sealed the deal for me!

It comes in a few colours as well, and can be used until the age of around eleven. I can’t help feeling that this will be much loved and never parted with though. Many adult guitarists still use it as their travel guitar, as it weighs a little less and is easier to transport around.

We will be going with the red, as it’s appealing to everyone and still nice to have a splash of colour on what is essentially quite a grown-up bit of kit! Have a look for yourself by clicking the link above.


2. STRETTON PAYNE 1/2 SIZE ELECTRIC GUITAR with amplifier, padded bag, strap, lead, plectrum, tuner, spare strings.

Now, who could argue with this for good value?! It’s essentially based on the design of the Fender Strat (only smaller), without the name, and quite a few extras thrown in as well. This even includes some online guitar lessons.

I very much doubt whether most beginner guitarists would know the difference between this and the above guitar, so if you have a slightly smaller budget, and want to get all the needed accessories in one buy, then this one is a great choice and would have you set up to play immediately.

“Teen” (full) size Electric guitar

1. ROCKJAM FULL SIZE ELECTRIC GUITAR SUPERKIT with Amp, Strings, Tuner, Case and Cable.
I have included this because it is a fantastic package, although please bear in mind that it is full size and therefore you would only buy this if you are reaching adult size yourself!

This really would set you up to performance level with a superb 20 watt Amp, and a carry case for attending all your practices and gigs. With the bonus of a tuner, even the neighbours shouldn’t complain, and the stand means you can show off your new pride and joy even when you are not playing. Pretty awesome!


Musical instruments are an investment worth making

Guitar dreams

If you too are a parent, you will no doubt be familiar with the slow, or speedy, drain of financial resources as your children grow up, and need more things, attend more classes and events etc.! But I know from experience that music is totally worth that investment of time and money. Having some quality kit will last a lifetime and provide them with what they need to grow their newly found skills! And if you want to be a little less soulful about it, the decent stuff also has a better resale value should you need to part with it at any time too!!