Teenagers Smash TV Show – The VoiceUK 2018

Mic and Lights
With so many teenagers performing and proving themselves up against a whole variety of ages and genres on The VoiceUK 2018, I couldn’t help but be inspired to say a little about it on TeensDoMusic. The live final was aired last night, Saturday 7th April, but the whole competition has showcased a wealth of young talent.

This is my reaction to the show, not meant as a piece of journalism per se!

The Winner is Ruti!

Congratulations to Ruti Olajugbagbe (18), who has such a beautiful, innocent sound to her voice. It’s a sound of pureness and as her coach, Sir Tom Jones said on the show, that she is a “sincere singer.” It’s quite an unusual compliment, but I know exactly what Sir Tom means. There really is an honesty to her voice. In a world where so many people are pretending to be something they are not, it was truly refreshing, and I can’t wait to hear her single. I have to admit that Ruti got my vote.

I loved Ruti’s duet of “What a Wonderful World,” performed with Tom Jones. His incredibly rich, and soulful older voice, was as always fantastic. But when Ruti began her verse, it was the contrasting clear, warmth, youth and innocence in her voice that really touched me. It was a beautiful duet. And I don’t think I remember ever seeing Sir Tom being so proud of one of his team members.

Ruti’s rich, yet clear voice was perfectly suited to many of her chosen performances, my favourites included “Budapest,” “Dog Days are Over,” and of course the haunting rendition of The Cranberries “Dreams.”


The Runner up is Donel

We can’t forget Donel Mangena (16), with his fresh, school-boy good looks, neat performances and dance routine, and of course the emphatic backing from his coach, Will.i.am. He certainly has some talent, and I feel that we will see him again in the future.

Belle Voci – bringing Opera to the Masses!

I loved Belle Voci too. They have absolutely exquisite voices. I have to admit that I felt that they were also capable of winning. It’s always a difficult decision with so much talent to choose from! They brought something very different to the competition, with their flawless voices, and fantastic presentation as a unit. Stunning! It was great to see the public also voted for them to stay in the competition, showing that Opera really can be appreciated by everyone when it’s presented in the right way. Who could argue that their voices are anything but amazing?!

Other great acts..

Of course the other finalist was Lauren Bannon, who performed well on the night. I felt that her previous week’s performance of “In the Air Tonight” was her highlight. I loved hearing the song albeit without the memorable drumming we all expect from Phil Collin’s original!

I was also a big fan Lucy Milburn (20) and Gayatri Nair (16), who were also unbelievably young and incredibly talented. I was disappointed to see them knocked out before the finals.

Throughout the show other teenagers featured were Harri Oakland (19), Bailey Nelson (18), Ross Anderson (17), Saskia Eng (16), Eliza Gutteridge (17), Anna Willison Holt (17), Kirby Frost (17), Tai (18) and Kade Smith (17). I have to say that there were some great artists as always, not mentioned here too.

Mic and Mixer

Keep Real Music Alive!

I love seeing shows where actual musical talent is showcased and appreciated in this way. The show’s own orchestra and bands are also fantastic and deserve a mention! This year was particularly good at allowing the younger talents come through and thus giving them opportunities to develop. I hope that this kind of display will help to inspire other teenagers, and anyone who loves to sing, to keep working towards their dreams.

Keep up the good work all of you, we love to see it and look forward to hearing some recordings!

After seeing 2017’s deserving winner, Mo Adeniran and his incredible journey to now release his single “That Feeling” and appropriately named album “Evolve,” it is looking like a promising future for Ruti!





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